The city is huge! I wasn’t nearly able to see as much as I wanted to. There are many many areas to visit in Berlin and even many centers. One in the south, north, east and west from what I saw.

Much of the city seemed very clean, very nice and you could even say upscale. But from what I hear that is nothing compared to Munich. There were some ghetto looking places but you’ll see that anywhere and really they aren’t bad places per se at all. You’ll especially find nice buildings, shopping and food around Stadsmitte.


That restaurants I was able to go to were pretty good. I went to a few different ones that had a lot of German specific food and the dishes were a good size and decently priced.

One restaurant in particular I can recommend is a place called “Bombay”, an Indian restaurant. The food was great, I had one of the best salads I’ve ever had and the people I was with liked their dishes as well.

As far as beer goes it was all superb. I had the chance to go a brewery called Lindenbrau in the Sony Center and that was especially memorable. They had all sorts of special varieties such as Banana, Cola and Apple Beer. It may sound nasty but for the most part they were delicious. Even the Pilsner was of a high quality and very smooth. You can also pretty much count on wherever you go to get a nice tall litre or half litre of beer at the minimum.

You’ll also find Café’s and Coffee shops anywhere you go. There is a large variety of Starbucks, Balzac Coffee and Einstein Coffee around the city.


Well, perhaps I was just in the wrong part of town but there really wasn’t anything happening as far as clubs and nightlife that I saw. I know there are some recommended clubs such as Havana’s, 90 Degree’s and AM Bar but I didn’t get a chance to go. But around Statsmitte there plenty of good bars to hang out at. A few friends saw Will-I-Am of the Black Eye Peas one late night.


Generally I found things cheaper than Holland but I guess that is the norm? Smaller things like Coffee seemed a bit pricey but the meals for what you got were well priced. As for clothes just taking a quick look it seemed like things were also priced a bit lower than Holland for shirts and jeans.


It was bit confusing at first, but I quickly learned and learned to love the city transit system. Especially the metro’s, they are many and they interconnect throughout the entire city. Add to that all the trams, trains and buses and you can get anywhere at literally anytime. Night trams/busses run every 30min and during normal hours you usually don’t have to wait longer than 5min for a metro which run that way until 12:30am.


I love this city from what I’ve seen but because of my short stay that isn’t much. But I liked it enough to come back for a vacation and just to visit.